We are concerned midwifery students raising awareness about financing and funding discrimination facing midwifery students across Canada.

We hope this website will provide a platform for you — fellow students, faculty, midwives, health care colleagues, midwifery clients, media, and the general public — to learn about what needs to change, and how you can take action.

Our work arose in 2017, from the sudden, unannounced exclusion of midwifery students from the only professional student line of credit (LOC) offered by a major Canadian bank (RBC). Other students in other health care disciplines continued to be offered higher lending limits and without cosigners.

This event exacerbated the precarious funding position already facing midwifery students, leaving many at risk for being unable to complete the midwifery education program.  This precarity disproportionately affects students who already face barriers to higher education including people of colour, Indigenous students, single parents, and those from rural areas.

Our goals

  • Realistic, fair, and accessible financing for midwifery students across Canada, from multiple lending institutions.
  • Sustainable, long-term funding solutions from public and private sources, to support the diversity of our student body, profession, and clients we serve.

Our commitment

Midwifery students undertake our challenging, competitive, rewarding program of study with the hope of serving our communities as future midwives who provide: excellent outcomes, high degrees client satisfaction, and cost-effective care. Yet, we are often singled out — invisible to lenders, and poorly understood in our career prospects, compensation, and level of responsibility in the health care system.

Please consider taking action with us!